Industries we serve
Commercial:  Office Buildings, Restaurants
Biotech:  Pharmaceutical
Energy:  Nuclear, Natural Gas
Healthcare:  Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Clinics
Hi Tech:  Cleanroom, Semiconductor, Data Farms
Industrial:  Manufacturing, Food Processing, Refineries
Marine:  Ships, Ship Building and Repair Facilities
Public Sector:  Municipalities, Educational, Airports, Sewage, Refuse, Correctional
Residential:  Condominiums, Apartment Buildings, Mixed-Use, Senior Living

Products we carry
Automotive:  Finishing, Paint Overspray, Diffusion, Intake, Exhaust
Belts:  Power Transmission Belts in all Sizes and Configurations
Dust collection:  Cartridges, Equipment
HEPA:  High Efficiency from 99.97% to 99.99995%, and higher ULPA Filtration and Modules
HVAC:  Pleated Panel, Panel Disposables, Media Pads and Rolls, High Efficiency Box and V-Bank, Extended Surface Bags
Gas & Molecular:  Carbon Pleated, Cartridge, and Bulk Systems and Equipment
Gas Turbine:  New, Retrofit, and Replacement Filtration Systems for Total Protection of Advanced Turbine Technology
Nuclear:  Filters, Cooling Coils, and Housings to meet mandatory governing bodies’ specifications.
UV:  Ultra Violet Light Systems and Replacement Emitters

Who we work with
Mechanical Contractors, Building Engineers, Building owners, Property Managers, Mechanical Engineers, Homeowners

Commercial Filter Sales offers full service capability on all products we offer.  Please contact our sales staff for more information.

Accounts and Payment
We offer terms for qualified buyers and competitive pricing for volume purchases.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

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