CFS Product Highlight – Filtration Group’s Pleated Filters

The pleated filter is the backbone of most HVAC systems both new and old.  Acting on its own or as a pre-filter in a multi-stage filtration system, the pleated filter is a versatile and important component for equipment protection, indoor air quality, and (if properly selected) for energy and cost savings. Commercial Filter Sales offers … Continue reading

Permatron ‘Prevent’ Install

Commercial Filter Sales recently completed an install of Permatron’s ‘Prevent’ system to the exterior of a roof mounted unit in Seattle.  Permatron ‘Prevent’ offers an excellent first line of defense from larger particles, bugs, cottonwood, and other debris that could potentially cause damage to critical equipment.   Permatron ‘Prevent’ can be easily modified to any opening … Continue reading

CFS Product Highlight: Viledon MV95

Here is Viledon’s MV95, a MERV16 V-Bank with an initial resistance of only .31 w.g. !  Viledon offers its MV line in a variety of stock sizes, MERV ratings, and filter medias including their Hybrid Synthetic Nano Fiber.  Commercial Filter Sales is the exclusive distributor of Viledon products in Washington and Oregon. From Viledon: The … Continue reading